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2010-12-29 16:45:13
已经: gallery in shanghai on 2004.09.27(with:PNF/Wangfan) holiday in shanghai on 2004.10.07 bar in hangzhou on 2004.11.27 - 2nd 2pi festival in shanghai on 2005.01.16 - pocket music magazine one year in shanghai on 2005.02.26......
2010-12-29 16:35:05
已经: 2004 001.Torturing Nurse - Junkyisuzu(shasha/china cdr) 002.Torturing Nurse - Rock Torturing Miriam(shasha/china cdr) 2005 003.Torturing Nurse - Do Not Put In Direct Sunlight For A Prolonged Period(shasha/china 3"cdr) 004.split w/PNF - Splittail(shasha/china cdr) 005.split w/BSOD - Swing ......
Torturing Nurse
extreme harsh nihilistic noise!
成员Junky / Youki
流派世界音乐 World
风格粗噪音 / 纯噪音
唱片公司:shasha/obscurica/turgid animal/harshnoise/bizarre audio arts/barfing dagger re-recordings/ultra eczema/stentorian tapes/seven sermones ad mortuos/shit inhaler/soccer mom ebonics/roilnoise/underground pollution records/lona records/btr/dada drumming/rrrecords/412recordings/ten cent pistol/8k mob records/alienated hominid recordings/serpent movement recordings/little sound/zh27/xvp/spacelessjam/no horse shit/hate state/ars funebris record/kovorox sound/audiobot/deathbomb arc/smell the stench/abgurd/dfrp/the terrorists win!/13 miles out/brainwave communication/anima mal nata/troniks/pacrec/en.mi.ty records/indie-ziert/alku/industrial culture/wasting tapes/monstres par exces/scarbox records/basement tapes/r.o.n.f. records/cute tapes/obelisk sounds/laif/abelian groups records/hypermodern/triangle.records/71/central dynamo room/abnormal d.i.s.c.o.([&])/tic productions/deadline recordings/905 tapes/belief recordings/g13recordings/heavy nature tapes/ll tapes/ratskin records/hoarse/quagga curious sounds/dirgehead distribution company/herbal international/soundo maso records/b-rush/subjam/kwanyin records/verato project/death letter tapes/xerxes/subliminalrecordings/lanpaarntaal sounds/maggote meat shoppe/orpheum records/rococo records/silent novels rec./sub rosa/coffin crawl records/sub rosa/ome/haute magie records/he of the house media/feeding tube records/corrosive art records/midnight productions/collapse of utopia/asylum lunaticum/the pet goat records/violent noise atrocities/kif recording/roil noise rubbish/existential cloth recordings/derry air records/ezcaton visual artist/helicopter/placenta recordings/kabrakarakadabra records/puzzle records/noisecore everyday records/rainbow bridge recordings/wintage records & tapes/mind flare media/filth is my life records/urashima/fragments/anarchofreaksproduction/nhdiyst records/mémoires bruitistes/husk records/stockroom records/hirntrust grind media/scorze records/shit noise tapes/blast work records/young girls records/floppee_recordings/unlimited drift recordings/noisoke records/no brain productions/fuzztape/existential dread/assembly of hatred/trashfuck records/aaltra records/worthless recordings/tenzenmen/beartown records/prima donna records/bubutz records/72826 productions/darker days ahead/tulip records/metronome/le petit mignon/re:surgo!/midnight sea records/meziprostor/爆音/red venice records/stront/rauha turva/bunga bangkai records/monotyperec./marhaug forlag/sonic protest/post-concrete/viva angel/dot dot dot music/samboy get help! recordings/hair on my food tapes + records/8eminis/std/wv sorcerer productions/noisekoor/dead possession/floppy kick/distorted visions/cipher productions/noisick/nomad sky diaries/

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