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2011,Push Open the Window: Contemporary Poetry from China
MY THUMBS Writed by Sang Ke Translated by Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz 1 My thumbs are gone My thumbs are dead You may say,chopped off with a cleaver Or cleaved away with a bayonet It was to the right of my index finger -That's my left hand It was to the left of my index finger -That's my right hand My hands hide an essay About freedom,about rights About the existence of my thumbs While I profess they're gone 2 My thumbs have been to five dynasties My thumbs have been to nine provinces I know I'm half right about the time I know I'm half wrong about the place I know I am virgin soil I know I am a mere opera performer My heart is free of the plow of power My actor's lines are free of my teacher's whip I break the hymen of my mind I push the role I created off a cliff 3 You saw how my thumbs grew up You saw their romance with my index fingers Their philandering with my ring fingers shamed my hands Their friendships with my little fingers saddened my hands A mountain separates my thumbs and me An ocean separates my thumbs and me If the mountain of principles crumbles If the sea of strategy evaporates My thumbs and I will have nothing to say to each other My thumbs and I Will pity one another 4 But I have gnawed away my thumbnails But I have torn away my thumbs' capes The nails were real armor The capes are my analogy for skin I know my thumbs' pain I know my thumbs' revelry They are in pain they shudder like sensitive flax They are ecstatic they quiver like mysterious hemp Flax grows with vigor Hemp goes underground 17 March 2001 Sang Ke was born in Heilongjiang Province in 1967.He graduated from the Beijing Normal University Chinese literature department in 1989 and currently lives in Harbin.He has published a number of poetry collections,and his works have been translated into many languages.He has also published translations of Larkin's selected poems and Auden's Academic Graffiti.Sang's poetry has received the Liu Li-an Poetry Prize and The Peoples' Literature Poetry Prize.
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