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2010-11-15 16:13:13 资源更新快,但码率较低,喜欢尝鲜的朋友们可以常去哪儿找找资源。 此网站用的是ifloder网盘。ifloder支持多文件同时下载,而且速度也不赖,缺点是俄文的,会造成大家看不大懂。 附:ifloder的下载方法 情况一: 点击ifloder 点击粗体的 сюда,大致意思就是你的ip不是俄罗斯的,所以要通过...... (15回应)
2010-11-08 14:05:17
Jón Þór Birgisson (guitar, vocals). Georg Hólm (bass guitar). Orri Páll Dýrason (drums). Kjartan Sveinsson (keyboards). 【Band Website】 以下资源绝大部分由张家祺上传,在此感谢! 原帖1 原帖2 鉴于115发抽了,所以传了Mega盘。 请用谷歌或者火狐浏览器打开!!IE内核的浏...... (36回应)
2010-11-05 00:17:02
At every turn, Furniture attempts to strike that elusive balance between bold invention and comforting familiarity in its music. Venturing into spaces described as post-rock, shoegaze and avant-pop, the band never strays far from being artful, honest, sweeping and emotional. Two years in the maki...... (4回应)
2010-11-04 00:39:33 This Is Your Captain Speaking released their debut album Storyboard independently in Australia in May 2005 and quickly sold out of the first pressing. The band was then signed to UK label Resonant Records (Do Make Say Think, Tarentel, Ke...... (25回应)
2010-11-03 18:54:52
资料来源: 翻译:羊没了 Dirty Three are an instrumental trio consisting of Warren Ellis (violin), Mick Turner (electric guitar) and Jim White (drums), originating from Melbourne, Australia. Since the Dirty Three formed in 1992, they have spent a lot of ti...... (8回应)
2010-11-01 15:44:51
The American Dollar,一个新近美国后摇乐团。Myspace上记录乐团成立于2005年的3月,隶属独立厂牌。乐团本身十分低调,他们的专辑只有向他们邮购才能买到。所以他们暂时并没有那么大肆的受欢迎。乐队的名字与其音乐理念息息相关,据团员自己解释,这个名字是他们对音乐的感觉和对他们所存在的这个世界的认识的表达,与Pink...... (26回应)
2010-10-29 11:44:53
Explosions in the Sky is an American instrumental post-rock band from Texas. The band has garnered popularity beyond the post-rock scene for their cinematic, elaborately developed guitar work, narratively styled instrumentals, what they refer to as "cathartic mini-symphonies," and their e...... (35回应)
2010-10-28 13:52:31
Do you want to eat it ?
Mooncake is a Moscow post-rock band comprised of two guitars, a bass, cello/keyboards and drums. The band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and become quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. By now Mooncake shared the stage with such bands as God Is...... (18回应)

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