The Right Thing (试发表)

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[DAI: Before the Inquisitor meets Hawke in Skyhold] V for Varric H for Hawke Hawke just arrives in Skyhold, looking tired. But no one dares to stare this stranger. For one, most people still have fear of magic, and two, she has this eyes, too steady and too sharp to look into. V- Hawke! I can hear your magic miles away! H- Varric, I didn't know you missed me so much. I caught up with some weird templars on the way. Varric looked around, some former templars in the camp seem nervous by the training ground. They know that this woman is the Champion, and they know about Kirkwall. V- This way. We need a place to talk. In Varric's chamber. H- You must be one of the dwarves getting most close to Maker. I mean, it's really high here. V- Well, I saw a hole in the sky. You missed the great view. H- If I were here with you. The mess will be bigger. V- (Laugh) Talk about mess. Did blonde(Anders) mess something up again? I called you here for screwing Corypheus up, but I think there is more that that. Otherwise you won't leave him alone. H- No, he didn't mess up again. But it is about him, you're right. V- So what's this about Corypheus? H- That thing can call for the wardens, like the arch demon calls for dark spawns. V- You mean the Grey Wardens are influenced by that sucker?...Including blonde? H- Yes, including Anders. He's fighting Corypheus' voice. But not for long. He even wants to go into the deep road to finish himself. V- Blonde had enough of all kinds of suffer already, why Maker doesn't give him a break. H- Maker didn't give anybody either. Varric opens his door, leads Hawke to the ramparts. The sun is far away. Everything looks like gold feels cold. V- So, how's your days? I mean, I stuck with the Inquisition now, but anything I can help? I mean you, only you. H- I'm...just fine... V- No, you're not. Spit it up. Not down, Cullen is pacing down there. Hawke smiles a bit. She leans to the wall, looking down upon Skyhold. The wind is strong. Varric can barely hear her voice. H-...I don't know what to do. I never knew what to do. Qunaries' attack, mages rebellion and this war, I never meant to be a part of it. After Anders and I left Kirkwall, it's always hard. I think I never truly agree with his way, and he will never stop blame himself for what he has done. We seldom talk, most of the time, on the run. He thinks that it's risky for me to show up here, but I came anyway. Maybe part of me doesn't want to face the truth between me and him. We both paid too much on this, I wonder if we can ever be happy again. V- That's some...shitty and my brother, we share blood. But you two... I got to be honest, I don't know what to do either. It's predictable, sadly truth. H- Sometimes I have this terrible thought, that I should have kil... V- Hawke, no, that will be triple hard for you to take. That is NOT you. H- Then who am I? Tell me. The Champion? A title that I never wanted? The apostate who pardoned the apostate that started the Mage-Templar War? Or a bad sister, a bad daughter, a coward who can't bare the hopeless love and tries to kill herself by pursuing dangerous enemy? I used to trust myself. I did all those things for good reasons, why do I feel like I'm in hell. Varric looks at Hawke, then looks away. He was there every time, except Hawke lost her sister back in the Blight. It's never easy for her to do what she did. Last time he saw her cry, was her mother's death. For a while, the wind blows so hard that the dwarf has to stay behind the walls. V- Hawke. I know none of these is what you asked for. You fixed things like nobody could, that is the story I told people in the books. Yet you are broken. I get it. We are all broken somehow. Me, you, your brother, my brother, blonde... well more broken in his case, yet we are all live because of you. The point is, YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. You hear me? You know why I contact you? I could have hid you from the Inquisition but I think this is the right thing to do. I believe that this is the best shot that we can do something to fix blonde's mistake, my friend. Even blonde is doing something right? In the letter, you told me that he healed some injuries on the way. H- He did. He runs a clinic in the village again. V- See? He is also trying. And you are here to stop Corypheus, for our world, also for taking care of blonde. H- Isn't that funny? Only you know that deep down I might be here for a man. V- (Smile) You're also here for yourself. You need this. We need this. H- Then, this is the right thing? V- So far, it is. H- Promise me something. Friend? V- Say the word. H- I left him without saying Goodbye. If I die, write to Anders, tell him that I'm sorry. Tell him, this is the only thing I can do, and this is the only way that might work for our future. If there were a future for us. V- I refuse. If you die, I will put this in my next book. H- A threat from my favorite dwarf, thanks, Varric. V- No problem. Ah, here is the Inquisitor. 不懂的请在 查吧
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