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Sydney Theatre Company(abbr. STC)位于悉尼市CBD,The Rocks区,Millers Point,Hickson Road,面朝Walsh Bay,Pier 4/5,背靠Sydney Cove,与Sydney Opera House隔海相望。虽然听上去地理位置很复杂,但其实只要你从海港大桥下面绕过来,找到了Hickson Road,闭着眼睛都能摸到STC,因为那条路上,除了STC和Sydney Theat...... (1回应)

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2013-05-28 12:50:56
不完全Q & A摘录: Source: The Maids – Subscriber Briefing Sydney Theatre Company 27 May 2013 at Wharf Theatre 2 Present for Briefing: Andrew Upton (new translation) Benedict Andrews (new translation / director) Cate Bl......
2012-08-10 18:01:48
Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh in the Sydney Theater Company’s “Uncle Vanya.”
【译者注: ①遵循小站一贯的风格和原则,本文将继续采用中英文对照的方式作相关翻译。中文翻译已经不可避免地加入了译者思维的二次转换,在一定程度上是对原文和读者的双向不负责以及对读者思考能力的部分剥夺,所以还烦请具有一定英文阅读能力的少爷党们直接阅读原文。 ②虽翻译贵为信、达、雅。但译者还是习惯于在力求精...... (2回应)
2011-12-18 21:52:22
Scene 5 Rehearsal Still     Lotte in the Telephone Booth
【Scene 2:Nightwatch】 (Background:A WOMAN is sleeping. A MAN is sitting beside her. He has come to watch over her. She is suspicious of his motives. When she leaves to go to the bathroom, he confides he cares for the Woman, his wife, letting her curses ‘rain down on me’. Lotte enters the coupl......
2011-12-02 18:15:45
It's easy to forget, it seems to us. Easy to think that the present is everything and the future will be fabulous. Or unruffled at least. West Berlin in the 70s and 80s was a crucible. Isolated in the middle of the communist lockdown. Symbolising the contested space of world domination. Freedom or ...... (1回应)
2011-11-29 17:03:04
credit to The following is an abridged transcript of Sydney Theatre Company's production of Gross Und Klein's Night with the Actors. Sydney Theatre Company Gross Und Klein - Night with the Actors Date: November 28, 2011 Cast: All present Moderator: Andrew Upton On Benedi...... (1回应)
2011-11-20 05:34:34
第一篇: Nov20 Alice in Wonderland for adults Author // Garrett Bithell Categories // Entertainment Cate Blanchett returns to the stage in Sydney Theatre Company’s final show of 2011, Gross und Klein. Fellow star Anita Hegh sat down with Garrett Bithell. Sydney Theatre Company’s 2011 season ......
2011-11-13 00:35:46
翻译:LyridsMC 转载请联系小站。 Source点我:悉尼先驱晨报 相关背景: 1. 《Gross Und Klein》是Sydney Theatre Company(abbr. STC)今年盛夏的压轴大戏,由Cate Blanchett领衔,明年北半球春夏之交将去欧洲巡演。) 2. Benedict Andrews是一位知名剧作家,也是这次《Gross und Klein》的导演…现签约于Company B的...... (1回应)
2011-10-13 14:07:04
Sydney University academic Robyn Ewing is leading a celebrity backed push to have drama used as a learning tool across many disciplines. There is an interview with Cate and Andrew in the video clip at the source, ABC News视频 . LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: There’s a new push to integrate drama right a......
2011-10-07 01:02:16
来源 Sydney Theatre Company's 2012 season encompasses Dylan Thomas, Ingmar Bergman, Tim Winton and Eliza Doolittle. Darryn King speaks to Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton ahead of their fourth season as co-artistic directors of STC. Who are you wearing, Cate? Cate: Who am I wearing? I’m wearing ......
2011-09-27 19:31:05
Sydney writer, David Allen attended the Sydney Theatre Company 2012 Season Launch last night at Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. Here he writes about his thoughts on the season ahead, the launch and his discussions with 'Our Cate' 一个叫David Allen的悉尼作家和CB及AU讨论新一季的STC剧目等等 By Inv...... (3回应)


【GROSS UND KLEIN】←会成为宅妞儿舞台剧的... 来自 LyridsMC 2011-11-22 21:07
A Tribute to Ms. Cate Blanchett

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