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2013-12-19 01:39:16
source : Louder Than War 幾個亮點: Paul的solo專叫“Spooky Action At A Distance”,本來2004年的時候EMI要發行的,但Paul對音樂產業的失望把計畫擱置了。 Paul和Andie考慮過再版《Six》或是出一張收錄全部b-sides的專或是演一場全部唱b-sides的演出。 當初泡爺邀Mansun翻唱“Helter Skelter”被Paul拒絕了,Paul表示......
2013-12-19 01:14:39
source : Louder Than War 幾個亮點: Paul和女歌手Catherine Anne Davies一起合作的“The Anchoress”,明年將會發行一張12首歌的專。Paul合寫了八首歌並produced其餘四首。 18個月前與泡爺的那次訪問啟發了Paul再次寫歌的想法,並促成The Anchoress的誕生。 Paul和Andie還有聯絡,他們曾經討論過想要做一場演整張《Six》......
2013-09-12 10:37:34
source : Drowned In Sound Or Another Failed Musician Abusing The Art School System By Paul Draper "It's hard to believe it's been fifteen years since the release of the Six album. People still talk to me about it. It sort of follows me around, and I guess it always will. I'm forever answerin......
2012-06-06 23:25:51
source : Last week, we published the first part of DiS' exclusive interview with Paul McCartney, conducted by Mansun's Paul Draper. Before we get into the second part...... (2回应)
2012-05-28 22:17:57
泡兒訪問泡爺。。。 其實泡兒提到自己的部分不太多(畢竟是做為訪問者) 但至少可以看看泡兒提的問題 有興趣的就看看吧!! source : Last week, Sir Paul McCartney sat down with musician Paul Draper (of DiS heroes Mansun), to discuss songwriting and the re-issue ......
2012-05-16 10:20:57
source : Hello all a little update to share which may interest some, (well it did me) after having a chat with Skin's drummer between (2003/2008) Wayne Riches, he was very kind to let the site know a little, about the already very little we know of Paul'......
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