SUN Moqing_Artist Statement or? (试发表)

其他 创作

Visible and invisible defines each other.We used to think, that only presence is presence.But the “missing part”, the invisible, tells as much as the visible and presence. The relation between organic,artificial and space is the main concern in my works.Is the space always a noun?Or does the space sometimes flows therefore holds a time dimension as well? Accordingly,I start to reconsider the limitation of a picture,try to connect the “inside” and “outside” and discover the space as a verb. Among the different media with which I work, I see ink and pencil drawing as the most primary way to visualize my thoughts.Rather than building a heavy object, I’m more fascinated by the idea of using little to present big, using emptiness to reflect presence, and using spatial to dialogue with temporal. SUN Moqing .
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