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原文链接: 抖森说自己会和小雀斑一起去KTV唱歌,还说自己在车里唱歌的时候被人形容为像病猫..........以及拍<Only Lovers Left Alive>的时候Tilda女王推荐他看了江南Style... --------------------------------------------------------------------------...... (1回应)

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原文链接: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “我想为这个灰蒙蒙的星期五早晨增添点色彩。” Tom Hiddleston兴高采烈...... (8回应)

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原文链接: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Hiddleston在本年度《Total Film》最热门奖项(读者投票)中一举摘得最炙手可...... (10回应)

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原文链接: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Happy Few: On The Set Of BBC2's Henry V 快活的少数人——亨利五世片场纪行 The Quietus Adrian Lobb 20...... (5回应)

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Both can currently be seen playing Shakespeare's heroic monarch – Parker on stage at the Globe and Hiddleston on television in The Hollow Crown. They tell Alice Jones why it's a dream role. ALICE JONES THURSDAY 19 JULY 2012 原文链接: (5回应)

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Exclusive: Hiddleston compares Prince Hal and Avengers villain Jul 16th 2012By Total Film Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Prince Hal in the BBC’s The Hollow Crown is currently being slathered with praise, and we've spoken to The Avengers actor about his latest Shakespearean role. The Hollow Crown ...... (12回应)

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Tom Hiddleston starred in the Hollywood blockbuster Thor
Tom Hiddleston, the star of Thor and War Horse, talks about his role in Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film, Only Lovers Left Alive. Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden 7:28AM BST 13 Jul 2012 原文链接:

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For Queen and country: Hiddleston prepares to attack a German encampment in 'War Horse'
原文链接: JAMES MOTTRAM SUNDAY 08 JANUARY 2012 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 一...... (12回应)

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原文链接: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 近年来Tom参与过不少电视剧的演出,比如《克兰弗德》、《维兰德》和《尼古拉斯•尼克...... (2回应)

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原文链接: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Natalie Woolman 2012/02/10 ---------------------------------------------...... (2回应)

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