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2013-11-14 17:04:03
In the beginning, I thought the contest should be "simple and funny". However, it almost became my most struggling experience in 2013. Twenty four hours before the club contest, I deleted the draft for the N+1 times and asked myself "may I should call the VPE to give up.” 24 hours......
2013-11-14 16:58:26
Thanks for your dedication!
VPE——Liuxia Being the VPE of CHIC is my great honor. Though the regular meeting arranging, fall contest take me a lot of time, but I gain more. The most touching thing is that Chicers are always willing to devote. The help from Derek, Coco and Alpha during the contest teach me a lot about being......
2013-11-14 16:53:37
I never imaged I can enter division contest of Mandiran Humourous speech. I never imaged I can get the second place of division contest. But I made it on Oct 20th 2013. What a miracle it is! It really happened in my Toastmaster Journey! Actually I am a shy person, especially in front of a lot of p......
2013-11-14 16:51:49
One of the most important responsibility of leaders is to develop their successors. I didn’t. One of the most important goal of an organization founder is to ensure the continuity of his vision. I didn’t. Of course I will leave CHIC one day. Though my heart will always be with CHIC. But I wan......
2013-11-14 16:48:28
On our way back from Pinggu Chunyurenjia (春雨人家度假山庄) on September1st, everybody was talking about when our next outing would take place. How about skiing in November? That’s the right time! How about travelling together to Australia? That’s an amazing idea …It couldn’t be more exciting to......
2012-09-02 15:52:35
Announcements 1 A joint-outing will be organized soon, we are looking forward everyone to join. 2 Our area speech contest will be held on Sept, 8th afternoon. Save the time and welcome to come. 3 From this week, our TM and GE should book the speaking date one month early. If the Role......
2012-08-28 21:56:15
Toastmaster: Jessie Meeting Theme: Happiness Hubert came back from the USA. And he helped to carry a lot of club’s materials for us. Want to say many THANKS, Hubert!! Yi, Prima, Lawrence and many more members start to bring their friends to CHIC, WELCOME guests!! Lawrence “changed” from a ......
2012-08-09 23:12:18
As a president, I was so surprised, so excited that we could have so many guests to come yesterday? A guest came directly to CHIC from the airport, even without checking in to her hotel!! Am I day-dreaming?? But it’s true, brought by my outstanding PR Team!! I love you!! Derek, Your opening spe......
2012-07-24 22:33:47
Dear fellow CHICers, The most important thing of us human beings is the FREEDOM. Almost everything we have done and wish to do is a kind of way to purse the freedom. That is also one of the basic reasons why we drive our-self too hard and need CHICers so much. Erica, the new new member of CHIC,sh......
2012-07-15 11:22:59
Life is full of uncertainties. Life is full of surprise. Life is full of hope. That’s why we don’t believe the fortunetellers. That’s why we work hard for a happier life everyday. That’s why we never stop trying to be a better one! Kim+ George+ Wang Lei a Brave and Successful step Thanks,......

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