法律英语 ( 全部 )

2017-03-14 11:22:38
1.a judicial forum has nothing to do with what is not before it. 2.the court found the accused guilty on all charges. 3.the court has made an order for specific performance. 4.the court ordered the company's funds to be seized. 5.the court recorded an open verdict on the dead policeman. 6.the c...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:21:21
1.a later statute takes away the effect of a prior one. 2.arms and laws do not flourish together. 3.consent makes law. 4.custom has the force of law. 5.customs,religions and philosophies tend to form the basis for a nation's laws 6.equity is a correction of common legal rules in their defective...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:18:54
1.a subsequent ratification has a retrospective affect,and be equivalent to a prior command. 2.absolute power corrupts absolutely. 3.fairness and justice in a jurisdiction are realized case by case being settled properly. 4.give a thief enough rope and he'll hang himself. 5.good order in the fou...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:17:30
1.a good judge can extend the boundary of justice. 2.a judge cannot be witness in his own cause. 3.a judge cannot punish a wrong done to himself. 4.a judge incurs no civil liability for judicial acts, even if guilty of fraud and corruption. 5.an upright judge has more regard to justice than to ...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:15:23
1.Address of service of process shall be included in the Articles of Association. 2.Alias summons is a subsequent summons issued to replace one that could not be served or otherwise failed. 3.Smith was subpoenaed as a witness to appear in the circuit court. 4.Summons is a written notification t...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:14:20
1.a landowner who already holds land subject to a mortgage may wish to hypothecate his equity. 2.a lien against the property is granted to secure an obligation. 3.a pledge is something more that a mere lien and something less than a mortgage. 4.after the court imposed the lien, it usually issues ...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:13:42
1.a man may claim that the owns land by inheritance or purchase from some other person. 2.land is referred to as realty. 3.land may not be sold,leased,mortgaged or illegally transferred by any other means. 4.land,the main source of wealth, is by the very nature of things treated differently from...... (1回应)
2017-03-14 11:13:00
一、保险 insurance 1.he is a holder of an insurance policy. 2.how long is the period from the commencement to termination of insurance? 3.insurance companies insured ships and their cargoes against loss at sea. 4.mr.rodman is the most heavily insured man in the world, carrying $4,000,000 insura...... (1回应)

医学英语 ( 全部 )

2016-03-03 10:11:55
 anabolism 合成代谢   anaerobic respiration 厌氧呼吸   Andersen`s disease 安德森病   angular stomatitis 口角炎   anion exchange resins 阴离子交换树脂   anisatin 毒八角亭   antagonistic action 拮抗作用   anthraquinone 蒽醌   anti-cancer drugs 抗癌药物   antiketogenesis 抗生酮作用 ...... (1回应)
2016-03-03 10:11:35
  acceptable daily intake (ADI) 每人每日容许摄入量   acclimatization 气候适应   accumulate 蓄积   acetylandromedol 乙酰柽木醇毒   acceptable risk level 可接受的危险水平   acid-forming food 成酸性食品   Achromobacterium 无色菌属   Act for preventing the adulteration of articles ex ...... (1回应)
2015-12-10 10:30:38
amplifier block 放大器功能块,放大器组件 amplifier channel 放大器信道 amplifier gain control 放大器增益控制 amplifier-inverter 放大器-倒相器 amplifier microwave 微波放大器 amplifier stage 放大级 amplifier tube 放大器管 amplifying power ①放大倍数 ②放大能力 amplistat 自反馈式磁放大器 amplitron 特高...... (2回应)
2015-12-10 10:30:21
ambulatory splint 活动夹 ambulatory vehicle 医用车辆 ambustion 灼伤 amedrop 静脉输液泵[商品名] amel (aero-medical equipment laboratory 航空医学设备实验室 amenable 应负责的,有义务的 amend 修正,改正 amendment advice 修改通知书 americlum (abbr. am) 镅 ameripol 人造橡皮 ametrometer 屈光不正测量器,...... (1回应)
2015-12-10 10:29:47
altimeter 高度计 altitude 高度,海拔 altitude chamber ①压力室 ②测高器 altofrequency 高频率 altogether 总共,完全 aluminium (abbr.a1) 铝 aluminium cap 铝盖 aluminium chart board 铝质病历板 aluminum foil 铝铂 aluminium bydroxide 氢氧化铝 aluminium shield 铝屏 alveobasilar line 槽基线 alveolar ①肺...... (1回应)
2015-12-10 10:29:14
alloy nail porcelain teeth 合金针瓷牙 alloy silver powder 银合金粉 alloy silver solder 银合金焊 alloy welding flux 合金助焊剂 all parties to contract 合同各方 all-pass 全通的 all-pass filter 全通滤波器 all purpose 通用的,万能的 all purpose film 通用胶片 all purpose language 通用语言 all purpose m...... (1回应)
2015-12-10 10:28:27
alcohol sterilizer 酒精消毒器 alcohol stove 酒精炉 alcohol thermometer 酒精温度计 alcohol torch 酒精喷灯 aldehyde 醛,乙醛 alembic ①蒸馏器, ②蒸馏瓶 aleurometer 面粉发力计(检面粉中面筋的膨胀性) aleuroscope 面粉发力计 algesi- 痛 algesia 痛觉 algesichronometer 痛觉时间计 algesimeter 痛觉计 alges...... (1回应)
2015-11-12 10:36:42
air regulator 空气调节器 air relief valve 减压阀 air sac 气囊 dir scoop 进气口 dir separator 空气分离器 air space 气腔,空隙 air spring 气垫 air stove 热风炉 air stream 气流 air turbine 气动涡轮机(牙科) air syringe 气枪 air temperature 气温 air temperature indicator 气温指示器 air thermometer 空...... (1回应)
2015-11-12 10:35:23
air conditioning apparatus 空气调节器 air conditioning system 空调系统 air conduction 空气传导,气导 air conduction hearing aid 空气传导助听器 air consignment note 空运凭证 air contaminants 空气传染物 air cooled 气冷的 air cooled tube 气冷(x射线)管 air cooler 空气冷却器 air cooling 空气冷却 air ...... (1回应)
2015-11-12 10:34:07
agency agreement 一般处理协议 agent ①试剂 ②工具 ③代理人,代理商 agglutinant ①粘合剂 ②促凝物持 agglutination 凝集(作用)集合 agglutinator 凝集物,凝集素 agglutinoscope 凝集检视镜,凝集反应镜 agglutometer 凝集的应器 aggregation 集结,聚集作用 aggregometer (血小板)凝集计 aging 老化 aging sight ...... (1回应)

建筑业英语 ( 全部 )

2016-10-25 11:16:43
技术资料和图纸TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS AND DRAWINGS 175 We completed this task according to the drawing number SD-76. 我们按照图号SD-76的图纸完成了这项工作。 176 According to the technical standard (norm, rules of operation), the erection (alignment, testing) work is now getting on. 安装(校准、试验)...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:15:09
计划与进度PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 155 We should work according to the overall schedule chart (the construction time schedule) of the project. 我们应该按照工程项目的总进度表(建设进度表)工作。 156 The effective date of this contract will begin from July sixth, nineteen eight-three. 这个合同的有效...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:14:03
工程项目(20句)ENGINEERING PROJECT 135 A project execution is usually divided into some elementary phases, such as: engineering, procurement and transportation, and field construction. 一个工程项目的实施通常可分为几个基本阶段:工程设计、采购和运输、以及现场施工。 136 We are building an ethylene p...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:13:00
在会议上AT THE MEETING 101 Our meeting will be next Tuesday at eight o’clock. 我们的会议将在下星期二八点钟举行。 102 We want to change our meeting from Monday to Wednesday. 我们想把会议由星期一改为星期三。 103 Sit down, please. Have a smoke and a cup of tea. 请坐,请抽烟、喝茶。 104 Which probl...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:11:17
天气和环境WEATHER AND ENAVIRONMENT 81 It is very fine today; the weather is suitable for our work. 今天天气很好,适合我们工作。 82 It is not at all a nice day. It will get colder. 天气一点也不好,要变冷起来。 83 We can not continue the outdoor work, because it is raining (sleeting) now. 因为现在...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:10:08
日期和时间DATES AND TIMES 61 What month is this? 现在是几月份? 62 This is January. (February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December). 现在是元月份。(二月、三月、四月、五月、六月、七月、八月、九月、十月、十一月、十二月)。 63 What day is today? 今天是星期...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:08:55
交谈语言TALKING ABOUT LANGUAGES 37 Do you speak English? 你能讲英语吗? 38 Let us talk English? 让我们用英语交谈吧! 39 Can speak English only a little, do you understand me? 我只能说一点英语,你能听懂吗? 40 Excuse me. Sometimes I make mistakes when I speak English. 请原谅,我讲英语有时会说错。...... (1回应)
2016-10-25 11:01:54
问候和介绍(36句)GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS 1 How do you do? 你好吗?(初次见面) 2 How are you? 你好吗?(日常见面) 3 Fine, thanks. 很好,谢谢。 4 I am very well, thank you. 我很好,谢谢你。 5 Good morning, Mr. Jack. 早安,贾克先生。 6 Good afternoon, Miss Mary. 午安,玛利小姐。 7 Good ev...... (1回应)
2016-10-24 10:50:03
6. 木工机械 (1) 干燥设备 木材干燥设备Timber drying equipment solid wood dryer 预干窑Pre-dryer 连续式干燥窑Progression kiln 自然通风干燥窑Natural ventilating dry kiln 鼓风干燥窑Blower kiln 炉气体干燥窑Furnace kiln 气体干燥窑Gas fired kiln 内装风扇式干燥窑Internal-fan kiln 外风扇式干燥窑Exter...... (1回应)
2016-10-24 10:47:19
5. 常用工具 (1) 木工工具 架锯Frame-saw(Buck saw) 粗齿锯Rough saw 中齿锯Medium saw 细齿锯Fine saw 双人锯Two-men saw 手锯Hand saw 锯条Saw blade 平刨、长刨Trying plane 光刨、细刨Smooth plane 粗刨Jack plane 槽刨Router plane 手工刨Hand plane 刨柄Handle 刨刀;lane iron 凿Chisels 半圆凿、孤...... (1回应)



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