一线口语的日记 ( 全部 )

2016-10-20 10:59:07
菜单 1、西餐 丁骨牛排 T’bone befsteak package 澳洲牛排 Australian beefsteak package meal 黑胡椒牛排 Sablefish steak package meal 菲力牛排 Fillt beefsteak package meal 鸡排套餐 Black pepper chicken steak package meal 猪排套餐 Pock chop steak package meal 带骨牛小排 Bone beefsteak package meal 沙朗牛...... (3回应)
2016-10-20 10:57:12
餐厅常用单词 ◎ 职位(Position) General Manager 总经理 Manager 经理 Supervisor 主管 Captain 领班 Waitress 餐厅女服务员 Waiter 餐厅男服务员 Cooker 厨师 地点 卫生间 toilet 收银台 cashier 前厅 lobby 吧台 bar table 厨房 kitchen 二楼 the second floor ◎ 用具 餐刀 knife 叉子 fork 勺子 spoon 铁...... (1回应)
2016-10-12 10:46:22
服:欢迎光临西餐厅!welcome to happy hour 服:先生/女士,请问几位呢? Table for how many people, please? 服:里边请!this way please/这边坐好吗?would you like to sit here ? /不好意思满座了,请稍等一下好吗? Sorry,.the seat is not available now. please wait a momet./您请坐! Sitdown please ! 服...... (1回应)
2016-07-26 10:34:17
meat 肉 beef 牛肉 pork 猪肉 chicken 鸡肉 mutton 羊肉 steamed bread 馒头 fried rice noodles 河粉 bread 面包 millet congee小米粥 rice noodles 米粉 steamed vermicelli roll 肠粉 macaroni 通心粉 bean thread 冬粉 noodles 面条 bean curd with odor 臭豆腐 flour-rice noodle 面粉 steamed dumpling ......
2016-07-26 10:32:13
supper 晚餐 lunch 午餐 brunch 早午餐 breakfast 早餐 late snack 宵夜 hdinner 正餐 ham and egg 火腿肠 buttered toast 奶油土司 muffin 松饼 draft beer 生啤 French toast 法国土司 cheese cake 酪饼` white bread 白面包 steak 牛排 brown bread 黑面包 French roll 小型法式面包 appetizer 开胃菜 rum 兰酒...... (1回应)
2016-07-26 10:31:44
dried beef slices 牛肉片 dried pork slices 猪肉片 jerky 牛肉干 confection糖果 glace fruit 蜜饯 marmalade 果酱 dried persimmon 柿饼 candied melon 冬瓜糖 black date黑枣 glace date蜜枣 dried longan桂圆 raisin葡萄干 chewing gum 口香糖 mint 薄荷糖 drop 水果糖 caramel牛奶糖 marshmallow棉花糖 peanu......
2016-07-26 10:31:19
string bean 四季豆 tpea 豌豆 green soy bean毛豆 soybean sprout 黄豆芽 mung bean sprout 绿豆芽 bean sprout 豆芽 kale 甘蓝菜 broccoli 花椰菜 cabbage 包心菜; 大白菜 tmater convolvulus 空心菜 dried lily flower 金针菜 mustard leaf 芥菜 celery 芹菜 tarragon 蒿菜 beetroot, beet 甜菜 agar-agar 紫......
2016-07-26 10:30:38
pineapple 凤梨 watermelon 西瓜 papaya 木瓜 vbetelnut 槟榔 chestnut 栗子 Rponkan 碰柑 tangerine 橘子 mandarin orange 橘 peach 桃子 coconut 椰子 sugar-cane 甘蔗 - muskmelon 香瓜 shaddock 文旦 juice peach 水蜜桃 pear 梨子 tcarambola 杨桃 cherry 樱桃 persimmon 柿子 apple 苹果 mango 芒果 fi......
2016-07-26 10:30:05
beverages饮料 soya-bean milk豆浆 syrup of plum酸梅汤 tomato juice番茄汁 orange juice 橘子汁 coconut milk 椰子汁 asparagus juice 芦荟汁 honey 蜂蜜 grapefruit juice 葡萄柚汁 vegetable juice 蔬菜汁 ginger ale 姜汁 cocoa 可可 sarsaparilla 沙士 soft drink汽水 coco-cola(coke)可口可乐 Xtea lea......
2016-07-26 10:29:38
bacon 熏肉 poached egg 荷包蛋 sunny side up 煎一面荷包蛋 buffet 自助餐 French cuisine 法国菜 today's special 今日特餐 chef's special 主厨特餐 menu 菜单 fast food 快餐 specialty 招牌菜 zcontinental cuisine 欧式西餐 aperitif 饭前酒 dim sum 点心 French fires 炸薯条 baked potato 烘马铃薯 mas......

餐饮英语 ( 全部 )

2016-07-18 13:59:10
881.Good afternoon,sir. Take this chair,please. 先生,下午好,请坐这。 882.Good afternoon. I want a haircut and a shave,please. 下午好,请替我理发,并修面。 883.Very well,how would you like your hair cut? 好的,您想剪什么发式? 884.Would you keep the same fashion? 照这样吗? 885.Please hav......
2016-06-03 14:10:08
871.What’s wrong with you,sir? 先生,您哪里补舒服? 872.What seems to be the trouble to you?How is your appetite? 您有什么疾病吗?您得胃口怎么样? 873.Let me examine you,any pain here?Does it hurt you when I press here? 让我给您检查一下,这里疼吗?我压这时疼吗? 874.Yes,but only a little......
2016-05-12 14:41:35
847.We can only do simple mending. 我们只能做简单织补。 848.We will refund the cost of the laundry and the new sweater. 我们将退还您洗衣服的费用和毛衣钱。 849.We are very sorry for the inconvenience. 给您带来不便,非常抱歉。 850.If you have some laundry to be washed,just leave it in the laundry ......
2016-04-11 11:02:31
826.Could you leave your laundry on the bed,if you are going out,sir? 如果您要外出,先生,请您把送洗的衣服放在床上好吗? 827.I’d like this garment dry-cleaned,please. 我想把这件衣服干洗一下。 828.We don’t have the facilities and we cannot take responsibility for any damage. 我们没有这方面的......
2016-03-25 10:17:09
805.Good morning,Housekeeping,may I help you? 早上好,客房部,我可以帮您吗? 806.Yes,I’d like to know about your laundry service hours. 是的,我想了解你们的洗衣服务时间。 807.If your laundry is received before 10am,we will deliver it to your room by 4pm the same day. 如果您的衣服是在早上10点......
2016-03-02 10:10:48
786.What is the trouble?anything needs repairing? 怎么了,有什么需要维修吗? 787.I will fix for you. 我来修理。 788.I will do it right away. 我马上就为您做这事。 789.I will bring it right away. 我马上给您拿来。 790.I will take care of it personally. 我会亲自解决这件事的。 791.We will send so......
2016-03-02 10:09:19
765.Good evening. Did you ring for service?what can I do for you? 晚上好。您大电话要求服务了吗?我能为您做些什么? 766.The light in the room is too dim. Please get me a brighter one. 房间的灯太暗了,请给我换一个亮点的。 767.Do you mind if I move your things? 您介意我挪动一下您的东西吗? 768.If......
2016-02-24 10:34:14
748.Good morning,Lost and Found Department, can I help you? 早上好,失物招领处,有什么需要帮忙? 749.Excuse me,but can you tell me where you left your bag? 对不起,但请您告诉我您的皮包以往在哪里了? 750.Could you tell me the contents of the briefcase? 请您告诉我您公文包内的物品是什么好吗? 7......
2016-02-17 10:44:32
718.Oh,you have broken the glass. 噢,您把被子打破了。 719.According to our hotel regulations,anyone who breaks a glass will have to pay it. 根据酒店规定,损坏杯子需要照价赔偿。 720.I will pay for it. How much do I owe you? 我会赔的,多少钱? 721.It is a hotel regulation,I do hope you underst......
2016-01-28 11:20:44
641.If you want to have your shoes polished,please put them outside the door. 如果您希望我们帮您擦皮鞋,请将鞋放在门外。 642.I am looking for room 606. 请问606房间怎么走? 643.It’s at the end of this corridor,sir. 先生,房间在走廊的尽头。 644.We would like to go shopping. But my baby is just ......



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