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2020-07-05 16:56:14
唐冠华世界生活方式贡献奖(TLCA) TangGuanhua Lifestyle Contribution Awards TLCA颁发给对人类生活方式有持续性和代表性贡献的个人、团体和作品。 该奖项设立目的在于鼓励人类追求自由、平等与幸福,增进人与人,人对世界、对生活的理解。最终评审权和一切解释权属于唐冠华个人,由该......
2020-03-05 12:52:04
Media and Communication 媒体与传播 We hope that more and more people can care for, think about and act on sustainable lifestyles for all. This work requires the cooperation of many national media, social media and personal media. We hope to spread the information about TLCA more widely, and to let ......
2020-03-05 12:51:41
Reward and prize 奖励与奖金 The first award ceremony will be held on July 5th, 2020, and the future award ceremonies will be held every two years. Each time 3 award winners will be selected from 14 nominees. Winners will receive award certificates and trophies inscribed with names of the individual......
2020-03-05 12:51:16
We welcome volunteer translators with Chinese and English or other language skills. You will be issued an internship certificate from a nonprofit organization approved by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. You can also gain working experiences with various types of non-mainstream artists. The ta......
2020-03-05 12:50:20
欢迎任何人自荐或推荐(TLCA)候选人或提名作品,提名可参考(不限于)以下六项标准。可将个人资料、肖像照片、作品介绍等发往邮箱。 We welcome any one to recommend (TLCA) individuals or works for candidates of nomination. Recommendations can refer to (but not limited to) the following six......
家园计划(AnotherLand)是一个涉及生态环保和人道主义的民间公益计划. 该计划致力于对科技、经济、文化领域进行反思,并为因次衍生的贫富差距等问题展开实际行动,

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