冠华 ( 2020-03-05 13:29:42

In the past 50 years, Ai Weiwei has demonstrated how to live in this world as a human being, how to see and treat people and things around. Through his actions he showed us that each of us can represent humanity, and the society is composed by the actions of everyone.

Social events that Ai Weiwei paid close attention to include the survey of Wenchuan earthquake victims, the documentary "Fairy Tale" which organized 1,001 Chinese people to participate in art exhibitions in Germany, the documentary "Human Flow" which focused on and recorded the phenomenon of global immigration. Philosophical thinking about humanity also penetrated his other works, for example he registered a studio called FAKE, created a contemporary art document warehouse, smashed Han Dynasty pottery, made bicycle installation “Forever Bicycles”, and designed surreal Chinese style furniture that are full of dialectics. He also designed humanized architectures that spread around the world. These expressions all pointed to a search for truth, and to artistic expressions of the unspeakable humanity. He is like a romantic knight who releases endless vitality. He established for us the basic criterion that we should have as human individuals, and showed love, transcendence and returning for life.

He constantly strives for the human rights of everyone.