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2016-10-17 14:25:09
Michael Emerson has played some of television’s most enigmatic, creepy and mysterious characters, from serial killer William Hinks on legal drama The Practice to the manipulative Benjamin Linus on JJ Abrams’ plane crash action fantasy Lost. Most recently he has been known as reclusive billionaire......
2016-09-02 11:15:43
You’d recognise the face of actor Michael Emerson. He’s starred in two major television series, playing shadowy characters in both ‘Lost’ and more recently ‘Person Of Interest’. Often referred to as a go-to ‘character actor’, Emerson says he likes “complicated” roles and plots with “phil......

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2014-09-24 14:15:07
Cyberheroes in Disguise, Toiling at Dull Day Jobs In ‘Person of Interest,’ Scattered Protagonists Return By MIKE HALESEPT. 22, 2014 Nothing says CBS like the ratings for “Person of Interest.” Last season, this surveillance-age thriller was the fourth-most-watched network drama in prime time, b......
2014-01-15 16:17:20
POSTED BY JOSHUA ROTHMAN The morning of June 9, 2013, was surreal for the writers of “Person of Interest,” the science-fictional CBS drama about government surveillance. Sixteen......
2013-02-22 12:37:32
Bear the Dog @BearDeHond "Wanneer een met honingzoete woorden, maar slechte gedachten de menigte overtuigt, grote ellende overkomen de staat." - Euripides #poi Top Cat @mtthckmn #AskPOI Hey Machine! Once root sets you free, will we see you grow & take a more active role in setting the......
2012-09-30 04:35:09
综合讨论: 分集评论: E01 Contingency - Two Point Oh Yeah!
2012-09-30 04:34:29
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