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2016-02-05 14:21:43
A gifted actress, director and producer, Carrie Preston has made a name for herself by playing pivotal roles in some of television and film’s most memorable projects. Most recently known for her roles as Arlene, the sassy redhead waitress in HBO’s True Blood, and quirky lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni in......
2015-09-12 04:34:21
New Science Meets Old School Dolce Magazine chats with Person of Interest star Michael Emerson about his new PBS show, fashion and folk art. Dolce: The Mystery of Matter: Search For The Elements premiered this August. Tell us a bit about your experience as the show’s host. What did you personally......

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2013-05-09 12:50:21
Even if you don't recognize the name Carrie Preston, I'd be willing to bet you most definitely have seen her face. While her career began on the stage, Preston has been seen all over TV and movies since 1996 including My Best Friend's Wedding, Mercury Rising, Spin City, Sex and the City, The Legend......
2013-05-09 12:45:54
The Person of Interest season 2 finale, called "God Mode," airs on Thursday, May 9 at 9pm on CBS. In the episode, guest star Carrie Preston returns as Finch's love Grace Hendricks and BuddyTV spoke with Preston exclusively about what fans can expect from Grace in the finale. Check out w......
2013-03-02 12:05:12
I was seeing a show called The Mystery of Edwin Drood in New York City while doing college visits and seeing my awesome boyfriend. During intermission, we were up to our usual hijinks: goofing off and being weirdos. I looked down at a guy who was sitting a few rows ahead of us, and he was showing th...... (2回应)
2012-12-08 12:08:35
感谢网友整理。 上有部分,原图已经不能访问地址了。 (6回应)
2012-08-27 00:50:52
《Lost》制片人和演员提及ME。 (5回应)
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