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2018-02-02 15:28:48
Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Emerson is no stranger to landing in fascinating places onscreen. From The Practice, Lost, and Person of Interest to current roles in Arrow and Mozart in the Jungle, he’s the character actor who can make you totally hate him or absolutely love him depending upon the......
2018-01-19 16:18:04
Somebody give this guy a mask. After almost two decades of playing psychologically terrifying bad guys on everything from The Practice to Lost and now currently on Arrow, Michael Emerson's face has become synonymous with downright chilling villainy. That's why his new goal is to be completely unreco......
2017-12-21 12:31:44
Michael Emerson is back on our television screens this season in not one, but two series that are sure to delight fans of his work. He is certainly a favorite of ours here at Nerdophiles and we were delighted to get the chance to interview him. If you have missed seeing him on the small screen afte......
2017-12-19 13:52:55
Michael Emerson doesn’t want you to know this, but he stops in the streets to talk to dogs. Yes, that’s right, Emerson—best known for playing the murderous, manipulative and morally ambiguous Benjamin Linus on Lost—takes time out of his busy day of capital A acting to tell random puppies how cut......
2017-12-07 16:15:50
Michael Emerson may have been a late bloomer in terms of an acting career but he certainly made up for it by creating some very memorable characters, probably the biggest being Benjamin Linus from the groundbreaking TV show Lost. Recently, we had the chance to talk with Michael about his career, inc......
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