2013.10.14【Too early and too late】

STONE✨ 2013-10-20 18:09:12

2015-04-05 21:20:49 missumissu (让光进来)

Punactuality is a great virtue and shall be obyed. There are some expectations of course. If you live in a remote village and connection with the other is week, then you will not be needed to be on time. Or your work is of great importance and shall not be stopped, you could postpone the next appointment until the work is done. Energetic people always spare time in advance to keep the puntucallity. Too early is as bad as too late. Arrive half an hour earlier than the appointed time in host's house will also be regarded as impolite.
However, to catch a train, is recommended to head off early. It could avoid a larger amount of time.
In this story, a girl arrives 20 mintutes early. It turns out she was 2 hours earlier for her mother mistook a carriage train for a normal train.