The covenant ( 全部 )

2016-05-09 22:36:01
8、 On seeing an old man praying in the duomo 看见一位老人在大教堂中祈祷 Old Sardinian with beautiful thatch of white hair sensitive eyes and hands, seeing you cross yourself so fervently and bending your knee in homage to Jesus I wonder: arrogant and blackshirted did you also herd his innocent k......
2015-12-09 14:19:24
REQUIEM FOR AN UNKNOWN 未知的安魂曲 Apple-red cheeks.Trimmed moustache.【1】 Grey eyes and badge glinting with control,loaned authority. 苹果红的脸颊,整洁的髭, 灰色的双眼和胸章 指挥中闪闪发亮,暂借的威信。 They leaned into my car and bellowed. "Are you in the procession? Put your lights on!......
2015-12-04 10:10:38
CATACOMBE DEI CAPUCCINI【1】 for William Goodwin【2】 嘉布遣会的墓窖 ——献给威廉•葛德文 They supplicate,they pray,their death-like silence harangues;but chiefly they mock our presence with their own and mock with such diverse nuance【3】2个with很纠结,求解 of malice horror disdain that the pra......
2015-12-01 16:07:47
The arcade 拱廊 No people in the arcade and no soldiers and sailors swinging past the lurid blow-up of Ilsa in black boots【1】【2】 holding a whip in one hand 没有人在拱廊内 没有士兵和水手晃荡而过 那穿着黑长靴的丽莎 那被放大的血红色的照片 她一只手握着鞭子 Smoking pistol in the other; the powdersm......
2015-11-28 09:20:07
The golden age of spanish painting 西班牙绘画的黄金时代 pietas and Assumptions,Virgins and Saints:【1】 someone has worked hard to put these lies on the wall. I'll laugh in three colours at their display【2】 And with my sneezings blow away false paint. El Greco,Murillo,Velázquez,Zurbarán:【3】【...... (8回应)
2015-11-25 09:10:13
THE LUMINOUS BAGEL【1】 闪亮的百吉饼 Not only did a loony whore from whom earlier seven devils had rushed out【2】 have a vision of Jesus, and Simon Cephas the Fickle misnamed the Rock who saw him face to face in Galilee after the crucifixion, and James and Paul 不仅有最初看见耶稣目光的 而把七个恶......
2015-11-21 10:29:40
2、COVENANT 约定 Proclaim from every tower and from every steeple He is our chosen God and we who chose, His people. 赞扬来自每座塔楼和每个塔尖 他是我们选择的上帝,而我们是他选择的子民。
2015-11-20 17:16:18
THE CIRCUMCISION 割礼 Vowed to a living God are the seed of Abraham though He has no reality either on earth or in sky: to life and its joyful affirmation even in death camp and ghetto, the Christian fires of the Inquisition 起誓要一个活生生的神 是亚伯拉罕的子孙 尽管他不是真实的 在地球或者空中: 对......
2015-11-19 19:46:43
FOREWORD 序言 After the appearance of my book,For My Brother Jesus,many wrote to inform me in anguished tones that true Christians ought not to be indicted for the sadism, arrogance,and hypocrisy that had led to the murder of six million Jews in the heart of the most civilized continent of the wor......

其它 ( 全部 )

2015-12-15 14:12:49
Misunderstanding 误会 ----Irving Layton 欧文·莱顿 I placed my hand upon Her thigh. 我把 我的手 放在 她的腿上。 By the way she moved Away I could see Her devotion To literature Was not Perfect. 顺便提下 她挪开了 我能看得出 她对文学 的热爱 并不绝对。
2015-12-15 09:39:03
STORM AT HYDRA Blow, blow hard, Aeolus: you ask no man's leave Spit great mouthfuls of water over the boats whining like tethered horses, and crack your long, green fingers, Neptune, on island walls. Cleanse me, gods, of the insincerity learned in cities Batter the christian lie in my soul: wash......
2015-12-15 09:38:51
PARTY AT HYDRA For Marianne The white cormorants shaped like houses stare down at you. A Greek Chagal perched them there on the crooked terraces. The steep ascent is through a labyrinth of narrow streets Cobbled with huge stones that speak only Arvanitika. A surfeit of wisdom has made the stars ab......


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