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极端金属综合预订 PART 2
接Part 1 UERBEROS Tormented by faith CD (digipak) UERBEROS Stand over your grave CD ULCER Heading below CD (slipcase) ULULATE Back to cannibal world CD UNBOUNDED TERROR Faith in chaos CD UNCREATION ...


极端金属综合预订 PART 1
2CD / 2CD (digipak) / CD + DVD --115 RMB CD (digipak) / CD (digisleeve) / CD (slipcase) / CD (super jewel) --95 RMB CD --85RMB MCD / MCD (digipak) / MCD (ecopak) --80 单列价格品种以单列为准 12月19日截止 DEATH MET...


Memento Mori
MANGLED TORSOS - Drawings of the Dead ¥80 BÄDR VOGU - Exitium ¥80 FERETRUM - From Far Beyond ¥80 ZEALOTRY - The Charnel Expanse ¥80 DECOMPOSED - Devouring ¥80 FUNEST - Dececrating Obscurity ¥80 BO...


极端金属综合预订 PART 3 - THRASH/DOOM
THRASH: ДАЙ (DAI) Close friend of death / Алкоголь превратим мы в маачу! CD Железный Кулак (IRON FIST) Face of death CD Железный Поток (IRON STREAM) Перезаг...


极端金属综合预订 PART 2 - 黑暗/死亡类
ABATUAR Perversiones de muerte putrefacta CD ABOMINABLOOD Dark creatures in the vaccum of dementia + bonus CD (digipak) ABOMINABLOOD The rotten smell of the entities that murmur CD ABSOLVTION Gallo...

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2014-10-22 20:18:55
BATTLEAXE - NWoBHM cult album "Power From The Universe" 30th Anniversary re-release - SPV / Steamhammer will release one of NWoBHM cult albums on December 01st (Germany November 28th, USA late January 2015) "Power From The Universe" was digitally remastered and will come in a hig...... (4回应)
2014-10-21 20:42:25
2015 夏 Killing the trends, fighting mediocrity, bringing awesomeness to your music collections!
Metal Conquest
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