PRESS! 报导 2013 ( 全部 )

2013-09-05 13:31:54
Taipei-born DJ Elvis T, or Elvis Truang, is a pioneering figure in China’s electronic dance music scene. He has released two critically acclaimed albums. By Andrew Chin ---------------------------------------------------- SINCE April, DOT Records has been bringing in international DJs like Japan......
2013-06-05 20:53:53
TimeOut: Connect the dots
Is Elvis T's new label anything more than a remix of Acupuncture? Dot. Everything starts with a dot. So says local DJ and producer Elvis T. And as far as pointillism, this article and his new record label of the same name are concerned, he’s right. It’s not abnormal to start small; Elvis just ta......
2013-06-05 20:50:12
Holiday Party: Oxia at Lantern
Newly reborn label DOT is bringing Oxia to Lantern on June 10, along with Elvis.T and Eddie Lv. Oxia, a pioneer of the French electronic scene, is back with a new LP ‘Tides Of Mind.' With tracks described as "conducive to daydreaming, smiling, feet-tapping and escapism," we wanted to hea......

PRESS! 报导 2012 ( 全部 )

2013-06-05 20:45:16
大周末“电音连着我和你” - ELVIS.T & Miao
从1989年的Love Parade音乐节开始,电子音乐节的概念就影响着整个欧洲乃至世界的历史。正如Love Parade通过一个活动来表达和平愿望并尽兴国际间音乐文化交流的初衷,这种集中了最现代的电子音乐和数码艺术,以及PLUR(和平、友爱、团结、尊重)精神的音乐活动形式已经繁衍到了全世界。 去年在北京举办的中国第一届电子音......
2013-06-05 20:43:14
城市画报:石破天惊的电音浪潮 by
题记——不是所有party都会改变你的生活,但是一旦它做到了,就是一辈子的。 电子乐,这种抽象、科技、包罗万象、讲究肢体舞蹈的新生代音乐流派,在过去的二十年里掀起了一场世界范围的电子音乐运动,是人类音乐史上第一次将机器制造的音乐作为重心的音乐集体行为。从芝加哥House到底特律Techno,从1988年伦敦rave高......
DOT Records 逗音乐
DOT Records(逗音乐),声音、视觉、派对,我们划下每个DOT,以点成线,成面,成体。
Everything starts with a DOT.

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