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2012-04-08 14:48:49
Is it just me, or are band bios a bunch of bull? Bio-writing has become such a cut-and-paste job. Every band out there now pretty much has the same bio. Every band is the best new band, the newest "ROCK SENSATION," poised for huge things. How can they possibly live up to the hype? Keep......
2012-04-08 14:45:44
I just read a quick interview with Chris Cornell about the state of rock music. Here's a little clip: "When I was growing up in the late Seventies, everyone could identify the five or 10 bands that formed the center. Even if you preferred the fringe — THE CLASH, over, say, VAN HALEN — you ......
2012-04-08 14:44:29
Drank too much last night? Or just want to be healthier and feel better? I try to drink one of these every morning, ESPECIALLY after a night of too much drinking. Its packed full of vegetables, and it doesn't taste like crap (though I would suggest just chugging it). So much of what we consume ......
2012-04-08 14:41:21
Its true, I've always thought Hulk Hogan was cool, especially growing up in the 90s. I'm pretty sure I had some wrestling action figures, Hulk and maybe Randy Savage or Bret Hart. I haven't always been into wrestling, and I'm still not a HUGE fan, but sometimes it can be really entertaining. But ......
2012-04-08 14:39:20
You know how some lead singers/songwriters from the past just sorta dwindle away, or lose their range/voice? I'm going to go over a few who still totally have it. Today's Rocker: Sebastian Bach Baz sounds awesome on both "Angel Down" as well as "Kicking and Screaming" - I per......
2012-04-08 14:24:25
Yesterday I officially released HART's first music video, "Rock Me" The video is really cool because it chronicles my time with SEKS from 2011-2012, live performances as well as backstage stuff \:) We had a really great time together, but as the way of the nomad, it was time to part. Thi......

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HART博文:Best Band in the World!
Is it just me, or are band bios a bunch of bull? Bio-writing has become such a c...
他们是具有80年代摇滚风格的乐队,他们的音乐像一场震撼的重金属乐party, 叛逆张扬,却振奋人心!目前主唱单飞成立Hart
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流派摇滚 Rock
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