《Saiyan Pride》

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01.Let Em' Know 674  
02.Intro 308  
03.Slumdog Millionaire Feat.Jayson 635  
04.Murder Murder Feat.Jayson 623  
05.Alcohol and Cigarette(A and C) Feat.L.C. 610  
06.Skit 203  
07.S.S.S Feat.Jayson, E-SO 1338  
08.Get Away 1349  
09.Haters' Hate Feat.钟翔宇 366  
10.Covergirl 600  
11.Ridin' Thru The City Feat.渡边, Jayson, 大头 409  
12.On My Way Feat.J.Sheon 367  
13.Fuck This World Feat.Shian, L.C., Peatle, 赖慈弘, 三小汤 750  
14.Outro 157  
15.Deep In My Heart Feat.Lrene 500