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2015-08-14 03:44:49
Julia Hülsmann Trio Like „End of a Summer“, overt virtuosity has little place on “Imprint”, but the equilateral triangle that form this trio, with each side gently pushing and pulling – never for dominance but, perhaps, for emphasis – is the unmistakable consequence of three players who, ......
2015-08-14 03:42:40
THE NECKS Chris Abrahams(piano)Lloyd Swanton(bass)Tony Buck(drums) “These men are gods” Michael Gira, Swans "One of the greatest bands in the world" New York Times The Necks offer a phenomenal musical experience, unlike any piano trio you may have heard. Masters of their own music......
2015-08-14 03:40:09
Michael Jaeeger; tenor saxophone, clarinet, composition www.michaeljaeger.ch 
 Born in Zurich, Switzerland, 1976. He studied music pedagogy and performance at the Music Department of the Lucerne Universtiy of applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland). Graduation with honours in 2004. Studies with......
2015-08-14 03:36:57
Borgmann began his career in the early 1980s, working mainly with the Berlin Art Ensemble with Nick Steinhaus (participating in the 1981 South American tour for the Goethe-Institut and the 1982 Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen). 
He went on to the Sirone Sextet in New York in 1987. 
He also spe......
2013-11-23 07:57:35
Aki Takase (pianist. composer) Aki Takase (Pianist, Composer ) born in Japan.
She studied music at Tohogakuen Music University in Tokyo, she performed and recorded in the USA / Japan with Lester Bowie, David Liebman, Cecil McBee, Bob Moses, Joe Henderson, John Zorn and others.
1981 at the J......
2013-11-23 07:56:03
Rolf Sudmann, born in 1961 in Bielefeld, Germany studied chemestry, physics, mathematics at Bielefeld University, music (piano and tuba) at Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover, pedagogics and psychology at Bielefeld University. He worked as composer, pianist and performance artist in sever......
2013-08-21 21:00:25
Peter Brötzmann Full Blast Peter Broetzmann - reeds
 Marino Pliakas - e.bass
 Michael Wertmueller - drums 
 Every extreme music aficionado must hear this trio. Having cooperated for two decades, the three volcanic personalities keep shattering a mundane routine with their spontaneo......
2013-08-21 20:59:23
Germany has never seen a singer like Michael Schiefel before." Sueddeutsche Zeitung, May 2005 "Schiefel is an exceptional vocalist. His incredibly malleable voice rises majestically from his navel to his head. His voice is ironic, laconic, and sounds wonderfully androgynous."
2013-08-21 20:58:25
Gebhard Ullmann Clarinet Trio juergen
thieke (acl)
ullmann (bcl) 

"4" leo records 2012
"ballads and related objects" leo records 2004
"translucent tones" leo records 2002
"the clar......
2013-08-21 20:56:23
Klima Kalima „Finn Noir“
Finnland Germany

Kalle Kalima – guitar 
Oliver Potratz - bass 
Oliver Steidle - drums
 Klima Kalima (Kalle Kalima, guitar – Oliver Potratz, bass – Oliver Steidle, drums) is an energetic jazz trio with an expressive and original sound. The music......

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London 0  
Julia Hülsmann Trio - who's next 42  
The Necks- Fatal 40  
Boom Box - Albert & Frank 25  
Boom Box-How far can you fly? 22  

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