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EWO企宣 2012-04-06 17:08:25
在自媒体时代,独立音乐人们似乎也加快了脚步,因为在这个越来越宽的世界里,想从同类中脱颖而出似乎变得越来越艰难。你可以在造型上博出位,可以在私生活上做文章,炒作之风大行其道,大家早已不胜其扰。而奇奇怪怪的花边新闻也只能是昙花一现,最终回归到音乐本质才是王道。歌手多了,专辑多了,能让人记住的旋律却...... (1回应)

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跟随音乐去流浪 --独立音地专访欧洲梦幻乐团Lonely Drifter Karen 采访:吉尔伯茶 在巡演之前的一场小型发布会上,我见到了Lonely Drifter Karen。主唱Tanja可爱而腼腆,鼓手Giorgio同样憨态可掬,很少说话,而钢琴手Marc则是一副轻松惬意的样子,显然这次中国巡演,对他们而言更像是一次寻找灵感的旅行。初识LDK,便从他...... (2回应)

Ella 2011-05-23 14:16:57
演出在即,推出超值特惠,原版唱片送门票 1.城市:北京 上海 唱片:海外原版唱片2张(Grass Is Singing+Fall of Spring)唱片可用于现场签售 免费赠送演出门票一张 购买方式: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10468092815 2.城市:深圳广州成都重庆武汉南京 唱片:海外原版Fall of Spring 1张 唱片可用于现场签售 免...... (6回应)

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13.la hierba canta grass is singing on an old whistling graveyard whistles spoken of a long time ago I will go with the blow of the wind when it sings I walk from cava to napoli I could need a friend today I could need a friend today porque llevas mi sangre entiendes, escondes mi sicatriz revué......

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12.no true woman no true woman, no true man i told you to let her i told you, you´ll see wants if you let her she´ll grow out of herself there´s no true woman there´s no true man but you don't believe it cause you don´t believe in yourself believing, believing, believing, believi......

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11.giselle there is a tree, standing gorgeous in front of me there is a tree, standing whole in front of me oh darling, southern softness sought your eyes and then it vanished, in a salty swedish night we fell on green islands in the blue and got so used to these wandering shoes oh you´re suc......

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10.true desire saw you wanted to dance with you drag me along, drag you along tonight is the night where we have sought each other´s eyes drag me along, oh the night has just begun i have a true desire you can turn into my fire it´s such a crazy feeling oh don´t you feel for me cause i, ...... (1回应)

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关于鼓手Giorgio不能来的原因: he was living in Barcelona with his girlfriend and he was playing with another band and at some point it was a bit complicated for him to fly over to Brussels to work with Tanja and Marc. So he made a choice and decided to stop to work with Lonely Drifter Karen. It was ...... (1回应)

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09.carousel horses there i saw them run down dusty streets and desert sun am i only dreaming? is is so? let me go.... run, show off your car still can´t play well my sweet guitar here street lights fancy only those with a proper coat neon flash-light bar, isaak´s moaning on his slide gu...... (4回应)

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08.salvation can´t hear the waves hush hush is all they say i´m on the shore and i watch them break like in paris when i smiled about the silence in your eyes whisper, whisper, whisper pretty words in my ears when i refuse to listen it makes you wanna scream and the more you are pulling the...... (1回应)

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