F.|Looprider 2012-03-21 11:42:42
"You Take Your Black Metal Too Seriously" Blaming posers Bashing the untrue Those are few of the only things you do This band is a sellout That band is gay It doesn't matter that much Yet you are overly concerned Your existence is hard to be justified So you just fool yourself and think...... (7回应)

F.|Looprider 2012-03-20 10:43:09
1. 其实这乐队最开始的思路是做成Demoncy + Sarcofago这样, 结果经过一系列的犯贱和破罐子破摔最后变成了Abruptum + 后期Peste Noire. 2. 这张里所有的鼓和吉他solo全是即兴的, 鼓手在录音之前甚至都没事先听过吉他部分. 3. CD版本将在近期由Pest Productions发行, 不过按这成品我觉得可以在Collapse of Utopia下面出了... (26回应)