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2013-06-28 18:14:32
PAINFUL BUT BEAUTIFUL I am walking along the path Mists blurred the views I stretch out my hands Nothing I can see in this forest Either the path I seek power Show you what I can do I am not a coward I can run as fast as I can In the end I could fly by the wind 迷路了 如何分辨錯誤路線 沿途風景......
2012-10-18 17:58:41
Keep You Living In Dynamic Galaxy 闪烁的光线指向天边 吞噬霓虹的星屑 穿过了光圈 等等等等却得不到是吗 请赶紧整装出发不会有偏差 It's time for us to get it right Wake up wake up wake all the soul up Life is full of despair we can chase the light You don't leave me behind 至少不会胡乱变迁 顽强得多 倔强...... (12回应)
2012-06-23 09:34:10
做自己啦 暫停飾演那願意 毅然要坦率我心思 自由不需你和議 未能成爲傑作 時常出錯 囿然在籠内看 從容快樂 驀然擡頭望卻 願隨心過 祈求仍然是我 仍如一當初 看世事有兩面上演各有千秋但 聼片面作故事蓋掩毫無意義 笑說著叫喊著那些冠冕的幼稚 卻放棄了各自裏邊實在意思 RISE WHAT YOU GOTTA DO TONIGHT BROOK NO DELAY ...... (1回应)
2012-04-26 15:05:05
I mean it !! 可不可鬍亂說 可不可原地轉圈 可不可不認輸 可不可認真眷戀 Run away to face the devil of your soul. All of these are meant to be. Just take one chance on me. Your imagination will inflame now say it back to me. to hell with the back shot (never knowing knowing). I want your he...... (3回应)
2012-04-26 15:03:39
最深刻的亦難免會消失於這般流離之間,仍不願淡忘,是嗎? Eyes of your cold mind never tell lie. Why i'm still blind. Fight for the truth tonight. Will you stay by my side. Will you cry. Deep inside my own mind. It's time. Feared to say you were mine we try. We can make it fine. 消失的風呂......

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