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Heavy Infantry

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Heavy Infantry 15  
Heavy Infantry (开盘带) 11  

Sacred Eye

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sacred eye 20  
nothing is more delicious than revenge 13  
wish I could see tomorrow 3  
rosebud 2  


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Ashigaru 2  
Mysterian 0  

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2019-09-06 10:49:46
When the war machine switched on the life become meaningless, The dying soldier’s name begins to fade away. An ancient empire has divided into pieces, The rich and fertile age has gone forever Nobody knows who you are when you’re falling Nobody knows the destination to go Ashigaru wait f......
2019-09-06 10:48:01
Miss Sterian You left a warm sight of your pretty eyes in my mind Miss Sterian I’ve taste your smile thousand times in my dirty single night 我 Miss Sterian I remember your soft voice then I made a wrong choice Miss Sterian You accidentally stole my heart you’re tearing me apart I can see ......
2019-09-06 10:46:03
When you see the banners above you waving in sky covering sun When you hear the general’s voice “Today is a good day to die!” My blades are screaming all the day telling me they want blood My brothers besides me howling they’re eager for fight The sound of war horns echoes to the clouds The du......
2016-06-30 10:49:57
1.Sacred Eye Open a book in the darkened night, I feel sad and wanna set it right, what should I find? Thunder and lightning is crossing the sky, a shout is screaming for the sacred eye~ sacred eye~ Burning and fire is all over the street, no one could truly to believe. Betrayal and murdering......
2013-04-18 12:26:24
各位好,我是一个sb。今天心血来潮开个乐队小站玩玩~~~各位就凑合看看吧~~~~ 要没人来就当是自娱自乐也行~~~~~

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