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喵喵喵 598
guess what 107
MD都老到要唱青春了 183
you 265
飞行的稻草人 296
小宇宙 278
firefly 152
HB demo 169

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sometimes 138
life is amazing 180
not many people 54

Verse ( 全部 )

2017-03-02 23:02:06
sometimes stars will fall down sometimes wishes won't come sometimes I walk around sometimes I see you in front sometimes you just showed up in my mind with the memories I never found sometimes I watch the sky in the night thinking how it'll be if you are now around what if you just come back coul......
2017-01-04 15:34:52
life‘s amazing to guide us to meet again life‘s amazing to guide me to meet you life‘s amazing to guide me to meet you again we talked about life we take time to see we tried to be nice we keep our promise life‘s amazing with sunshine, snow and rain life‘s amazing although there's also som......
2016-12-02 21:03:51
I can't sleep with you in my head I can't wake up when you're in my dream not a moment you're not around my heart beats harder and harder my brain gets out of control not a second you're not taking them you make me smirk like an idiot all the time you're living in the master room of my mind there'......
2016-09-07 22:45:27
not many people can see what you see not many people can feel what you feel not many people will choose the sea not many people are special like you and all you need to do is keep being yourself and live your amazing life no mater how the world tells that is wrong no one knows what you want as you......
2016-06-22 20:44:37
做动画的前同事说写个歌给他当新动画的片尾曲 结果写完以后过了好久也没见着动画 大概是黄了 就这么被骗了一首歌出来= =(也好 不然平时也没动力写) 那骗砸是这么描述的 上来就先给了个大标题叫飞翔的稻草人(后来被我无形中改了好像是因为看到翔字容易出戏...) 然后说了一下动画内容大概是一中二少年 雄心壮志充满梦想......
安静画画安静扰民 用歌和画记录漂在海上的生活
流派民谣 Folk

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