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2013-04-22 17:16:06
2013-03-28 19:04:59
作为最早和我们有过合作的中国音乐人,ChaCha的作品我们一直非常欣赏。音乐上秉承reggae和正宗的dubstep味道,而中文歌词更容易被中国大众所接受。我们觉得,她是这种风格中最好的中国音乐人之一。 有兴趣的朋友,听听这首作品吧。这首已经在我们的办公室里循环播放好几天了!!呵呵!! jahtari ft chacha media control
2013-03-14 00:08:16
Dubstep的“孪生兄弟们” 一切还得从Dubstep和几个“孪生兄弟”reggae、drum'n'bass和UK garage的比较说起。 老大哥reggae虽说影响深远,并把超重低音做成了家族的标志,但无奈“乡土”气和痞气都有点重,不太登得上有品位的派对。二哥drum'n'bass虽说也风光一时,但因为语速和步伐实在太快,慢慢变成了小众乐迷的爱好。 三......
2013-03-13 22:09:28
All roads lead to SWG3 on 23rd March as two of the biggest names is European digital reggae come to Glasgow. Jahtari is the label and production powerhouse outta Leipzig, Germany. Since 2005 Disrupt has been building riddims and signing artists to push the distinctive Jahtari sound, combining 8bit ......
2013-03-13 22:07:04
We’re stepping up the game with our weekly dancehall session “Walk n Skank” in Glasgow, which takes place every Thursday night at The Berkeley Suite, North St. 07/03 – Riddim Tuffa Sound 14/03 – Marina P (France) 21/03 – Dub & Bass (Dubstep + New bass music selection all night) 28/03 – ......
2013-02-27 21:41:31
Shanghai By Bus feat Mungo’s Hi Fi 演出时间:2010年3月26日 21:00 演出场馆:庇护所 音乐类型: Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep Shanghai By Bus的三月特辑, Uprooted Sunshine将万分荣幸地为大家带来英国当下最大牌的明星之一 – 来自苏格兰的Mungo’s HiFi的Tom! Mungo’s Hi Fi来自英国的苏格兰,在世界......
2013-02-14 00:28:59
We are pleased to announce that the Mungo’s Hi Fi/Scotch Bonnet crew has grown since James Whelan has now officially joined us as a fully fledged partner. He initially came to our attention throwing some rather good parties with his sound Chungo-Bungo, and after working closely together over the l......
2013-02-14 00:00:57
Scotch Bonnet presents… Top Cat & Ruben Da Silva with Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem & Chungo-Bungo Tickets: £8 before 10pm / £10 after SWG3 100 Eastvale Place Glasgow 9pm-2am Table tennis style is the order of day as Top Cat & Ruben Da Silva move in on Glasgow for a rub a dub ses......
Mungo's  Hi Fi
英国Reggea/Dubstep独立厂牌:Mungo’s Hi Fi
风格雷鬼 / Dub / Dubstep / Sound / System
唱片公司:Mungo‘s Hi Fi, Scotch Bonnet Records

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