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2011-10-29 12:47:44
i have a sweet dream but I'm sorry I can't continue to accompany you take care of yourself 2011 《Ferrero dreams》 began to audition , All comments are very welcome.Thanks a million!
2010-05-12 14:16:03
I am the wind that wavers, You are the certain land; I am the shadow that passes Over the sand. I am the leaf that quivers, You--the unshaken tree; You are the stars that are steadfast, I am the sea. You are the light eternal, Like a torch I shall die... You are the surge of de...... (1回应)

2011 Ferrero

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Ferrero 70  
Listen to the voice of the world 33  

2010 In work

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Stomp sore 350  
Obsession 357  
return capsule 294  
流派电子 Electronica
风格Electro / Experimental
唱片公司:Pitch Bend

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