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2015-09-26 23:55:21
出于对“小黄人”的不正当痴迷,Chris和Jakk不顾Rene和Gunnar的阻止,执意要去小黄人的专场上踢馆。。。。 Ignored Rene and Gunnar, Chris and Jakk decided to go to the Litter Yellow Man special performance to play some their own songs because they love MINIONS in an unspeakable way. 于是他们开始了,Jakk......
2014-12-15 14:01:25
为了满足Eric和Ryons拍GV的导演梦,大家决定给他们一百块机会,与一众好友同去飛LiveHouse群P拍摄Bliss的*V 演员表: 克里斯腚娜 饰演 克里斯腚娜 好吧,其实这才是本尊呀 接客屎垃圾 饰演 接客屎垃圾 烂泥 饰演 烂泥 维京海盗卖鱼佬 饰演 维京海盗卖鱼佬 打瞌屎 饰演 打瞌屎 基清瞬间! 演出结束后 目......
2014-11-14 01:17:11
上个周五(2014.11.07)我们在hooleys玩了一晚 battle of the bands 的比赛riven进入决赛!二十六只band,六只入决赛! 吼一句:支持原创! 再po一下上周五的照片 当晚,字幕君Eric也有艳遇,秉着欣赏音乐的旗号,Eric一步一步似爪牙接近Miss Hunter的美女键盘手,还是Chris帮忙邀请过来的。。。。。。(Eric,决赛你......
2014-10-28 18:51:10
Jakk Ass
为了庆祝上次行骗成功 To celebrate the last time cheating 大伙决定去东莞 PIA~bee~bee~~松山湖找HitFM耍 We decide to go to Dongguan to find some ~bee~bee~~in Songshanhu Hit FM 场地很好,一开始眼睛都没感觉出来,所以要赶紧搭舞台 The stage is so great that eyes cannot find it in the beginning......
2014-10-24 23:38:44
我爱宜家!I love IKEA!
从前有一天,思乡的瑞典民工 克里斯腚烦hi轮 跑到宜家门口跪舔蛋糕,然后决定10月18日去T-Union比一比谁怕谁,以慰思乡之苦。 Once upon a day, homesick Sweden "loser" Christian von Heland went to IKEA to kneel and lick cake, and then decided to go to T-Union to compete one compete, who afr...... (2回应)
2014-10-06 18:25:55
有一天,我们去了果音乐节。这里环境优美,舞台极度专业~ 后来,大家都好嗨新 然后开始裸奔 然后开始打架 然后互相咬 然后内裤在第二天醒来后自动消失 然后开始看医生 然后感谢我们化腐朽为神奇的Sound Hero: Dom 和辛苦的工作人员,再见~~ See you guys in 18th sh...... (2回应)
2014-09-10 00:26:08
9月6日是Gunnar加入Riven后的第一场演出。观众很热情,海石的哥们辛苦了。完! 当然是开玩笑的拉,呵呵,呵呵~因为演出是在晚上,所以早到的众人开始脱裤子玩,场面实在是难看极了…… 终于晚上来临了,It‘s Riven Show Time! See you guys next show~ ...... (4回应)
2014-08-11 23:29:56
Blow your shit out! Man!
最近,Riven发生了一件大事——鼓手Gunnar大神来了(Julien离开了)。法国的温柔浪漫与冰岛的冷峻严酷在这里来来个擦肩而过。 Gunnar是一个很专业很专业,很pro很pro的鼓手,来自神秘的世界尽头——冰岛(Iceland)。专注,刚强的同时对音乐有自己独特的敏锐和感觉。Gunnar就像冰岛音乐纪录片——尖叫的经典(Scr...... (2回应)
2013-09-09 00:48:41
千辛万苦,终于,Wireless完成了! 这是乐队成员和所有喜欢我们,帮助我们的朋友的共同果实。 事实上,乐队正处于一个非常关键和艰苦的时期(鼓手mason不得不回新西兰;Demo的制作出品也非一帆风顺...)。但是,相信我们会克服这些困难的。将来的某一天,当我们回头看看今天我们做的事情,我们会感到自豪的! PS: I kno......
2013-09-07 11:01:52
For so many reasons, our drummer Mason will leave the band (hope he will come back in future) PS: we are going to change our band name from "Loke" to "Riven", so please call us "Riven" in future, thanks (2回应)

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2018-07-23 20:18:02
Seasons When the spring rings us in And washes the stains When the pictures are smiling And framed with friends Then I will undo What I've done to you Rebuild and create What I want to be true When summer infests When life is a game When you're not alone But you don't know their names Then we wi......
2018-07-23 20:17:26
All Over For the love of god Won't you wait a little longer You know I love you babe but let's grow a little older Yeah for the love of me Won't you dance a little slower You know I need you babe But I still have to recover Stay and feel the day Let it make you stronger I’m right here right now......
2015-12-07 18:22:13
Higher Ground Water so deep Mountains so high Wind give me peace And eyes for eyes I've talked with the gods This is where I fall You head for the hills I'll see you in their halls Better hunt than be hunted I can hear their sounds They may be hundreds But I've got higher ground Breathe with ......
2014-11-28 21:30:11
Like I do She's a figure She does what she figures figures do It’s pathetic But I'm quite pathetic too Maybe that's why I can’t stand her She don't hate me like I do She’s a virgin She dreams like only virgins do And it’s perfect Because it isn’t true Maybe that's why I can’t stand her She d......
2014-09-26 12:04:37
Sarah’s lullaby She said wake me take me She was naked, shaking Faking life again Said I’m lost Red eyes, burning with water Blue from those who taught her She was everything I was not She said please Jesus Quake this fortress Burn these portraits Bleached white family and friends She said n......
2014-09-26 12:03:59
Frost It’s the breeze in the morning that slows everything down A biting crystal whisper of hard times to come It’s a chilled reminder of what you didn’t get done Dead cold teeth you can never outrun It runs on the lake and gives it crust Moves in over land and sow white dust It skips between t......
2014-09-26 12:03:13
I don’t know I don't know where else to go All the places that I’ve shown Don't know is this the end Again, she again, again I feel so tired I can’t sleep Feel so lonely I can’t speak I don't know when it will stop I don't think I have a choice I don't what else to say I don't know what else ......
2014-09-26 12:02:28
Sot Jag har ett skratt Som jag gav till dig Du tog det med När du lämna mig Jag har ett moln i min märg som regnar sot när jag ser en färg GAPA STORT OCH SVÄLJ När du har kommit för långt för att vända När du inte vet vad du menar med hemma När du inte l......
2014-09-26 12:01:58
Rise It spins gray sky, the beach, the me who was the entwined twins A yellow radio watches and sits and sings us wings and they are all falling all is calling I see myself walk, talk, hunt with someone old and new I turn around to find myself has been painted with you are calling, screaming, warn......
2014-09-26 12:00:37
Get out of my way Step inside to see the day the light is out let’s find a way Take your time to say goodbye let’s leave these notes for those behind Follow it, it leads the mind, the minds the place to reach behind And further in you find the things that makes you wanna be just mine Everyone is......
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