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2011-10-20 22:37:26
Byron Coley, The Wire Insect Factory is the solo guitar project of Maryland’s Jeff Barsky. RST is the long-running guitar solo project of New Zealand’s Andrew Moon. On this evidence, Insect Factory take a Heldon-ish approach to extended tones and loopy sonic overlays, creating a stillness that emp......
2011-10-20 22:31:33
Nick Cain, Opprobrium magazine RST is the solo project of New Zealand guitarist Andrew Moon (previous documentation via the Corpus Hermeticum Le Jazz Non compilation & his own ultra limited lathe cut releases on his own Imperial Recordings label.). "Whereas all his previous musical activity......
2011-10-20 22:31:13
A while back we had a little gift certificate giveaway to help raise money for aQ pal Stephen Kasner, an artist you no doubt know, his art has adorned records by Aluk Todolo, Skullflower, Lotus Eaters, Subarachnoid Space, Blood Fountains, Khlyst, Aun, Habsyll, and loads more, we used to carry his am......
2011-10-20 22:30:38
Killer split from these two bands, RST most AQ folks should know by now, New Zealand guitarist Andrew Moon, who delivers another fantastic chunk of dark, dense, humid guitardrone, darkly meditative, but surprisingly active, the swirling blackened churn alive with buried melodies, and ever shifting t......
2011-10-20 22:29:48
Latest disc of dronemusic from aQ customer and master dronelord Andrew Moon, his first for Utech, and definitely one of his heaviest. From the opening few seconds, this is some seriously distorted metallic static heaviness, a massive crumbling wall of slow moving fuzz guitar, gorgeously layered so ......
2011-10-20 16:02:31
Corpus Hermeticum Not long ago, we discovered that one of our loyal AQ customers just so happened to be the man behind one of our favorite groups, RST, and who released two mind blowing discs, R136a which came out on Ecstatic Peace! and this one, Warm Planes, released on Corpus Hermeticum. After dis......
2011-10-20 16:02:02
(Utech) Another disc of gorgeous smoldering dronemusic from long time fave RST, aka New Zealand dronelord Andrew Moon. The follow up to Tomorrow's Void, RST's Utech debut, a crushingly heavy and dark black hole of a record, The Sunset Limited, while in its own way still heavy and dark, dials back t......
2011-10-20 13:05:01
RST Axes (Last Visible Dog) copyright Aquarius Records More mysterious six string sonic explorations from New Zealand guitar alchemist Andrew Moon, but unlike the last release (the triple cd-r Other Machines) a grinding thick heavy smear of SUNNO))) like low end rumble and Fear Falls Burning-ish smo......
RST Sound
New Zealand
Andrew Moon
成员Andrew Moon
流派摇滚 Rock

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