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if number girl's coming back 244  
then i hide(live remix) 362  
trivial 395  
until(live remix) 280  
sweet night to cry 415  
then i hide 474  
hallo 2 341  
until 205  

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2015-08-26 04:20:10
if number girl were coming back i think i could go anywhere just for the omoide in my head and the guitar solo that she shreds we could sing touming shoujo and cry in the shadow it's the future that i really miss to be with you at the show (5回应)
2014-01-26 02:24:59
聚在街角的小貓 互相打著什麽暗號 我有一句話想要 告訴你 卻只盯著你嘴角 聽著那張唱片 跑在地鐵列車裏面 看著自己的腳下 事情總該變好了吧 就像那 九局下半的全壘打 就像那 汗水掉在跑道上 蒸發吧 "no future, no cry. no future, no cry."* 請你給我 多一點點的時間 就讓我 留到最後 *quoted from 銀杏B...... (3回应)

您,您,您 和您

"i wanna die by your side."
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流派原声 Soundtrack
风格lo-fi / stupid-pop / loop-forever

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