EP 2013

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Don't Fuck with Our Dreams 2  
Ducks Fly Together 0  
Bigger Than Us 1  

Albums 2011/12

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Young Drunk 236
When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish 325
I Can't Feel My Face 133
My Little Sinking Ship 216  
I Want Friends 281
Why I Can't Draw 110
Stay Young 79
Sunshine and Technology 184
Tom Busby 64
When I Said Us I Meant Them 50
Don't Mention the War 45
Never Come Back Here 182
Get High, See Mice 130  
The Belly Of Your Bedroom 95  
Sigourney Weaver 117
Rooftops 83  
Postcodes (For People Who Will Arrest Me) 62  

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The Smith Street Band
Four piece folk punk rock band from Australia. One of the most popular young bands in Australia and soon the world. First toured China in 2012, and
成员Will, Chris, Fitzy, Lee
流派摇滚 Rock
唱片公司:This Town Touring 本镇音乐

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