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良い気持ち(written by lunk&fermina) 152  
一封信 198  
晚晴天 303  
One of the Nights of Summer Vacation 150  
Oxygen 141
19才 84  
Happy Bunnies(it's the rain again) 65  
wichita lineman(Glen Campbell Cover) 52  
lunk's tune 53  
i am half a walrus(the beatles cover) 47  
missing baka chan 41
至尊lofi 42
gymnopedies 1 34  
rest my troubles away(lm cover) 10  

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2016-11-21 14:13:38
i see the ocean i see the blues take me with you, olivia take me with you, olivia.
2016-06-30 22:54:37
lantern of a late spring night up there hanging in the sky none of them sit by my side knowing i will be just fine lantern of a summer night underneath the roof so high nothing else could be this bright kindly takes away my sighs lantern of an autumn night unattracted by those sights no more stars......
流派民谣 Folk

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