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Hardcore Help !!
开始时间:2014-07-20 21:00 / 地点:北京 东城区 地安门 五道营胡同53号院 / 参加人数:6


开始时间:2014-07-12 17:00 / 地点:北京 东城区 MAO Live House / 参加人数:38


开始时间:2014-04-02 20:00 / 地点:北京 东城区 MAO Live House / 参加人数:29


Shut up!Shut down!的视频Shut up!Shut down!-2013.12.15


开始时间:2013-10-05 20:30 / 地点:北京 东城区 MAO Live House / 参加人数:15

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2012-05-24 22:32:39
我们非常高兴得到了美国Ernie Ball公司的赞助!成为Ernie Ball中国区品牌形象代言人! (6回应)
2012-04-03 21:22:08
Shut up!Shut down! 巡演4月7日南京站由于场地出现不可抗拒的因素 演出被迫取消 (5回应)
2012-03-04 22:52:15
we are lost on the world of virtual one by one they've take our dreams away just save yourself all will be over the sun fades below the horizon all the nightmare will coming back oh wake me up with the most direct way I don't need any words no more so many things I did in the wrong way dee......
2012-03-04 22:51:37
I never thought I would find myself being here every part of me and I will never place my feet so keep me moving on I hope you know it's all for you all the minds is dying fast but the heart will always going strong with all our hearts for anyone who cares this world may be......
2012-03-04 22:50:30
tear me out I feel pain coming from the heart nerves are shaking and nothing can save me now your shadow so blurred and fades away take back every words you said you lied everytime my head filled with bitter thoughts that you crush me down the freeze of air is everywhere has around me I mu......
Shut up!Shut down!
北京金属乐队Shut up!Shut down!

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