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2014-06-20 15:05:40
They Will Return In a breathing I cannot reflect The concept of my irrevocable reality Has cursed the world and all sanity From prosperity to a wasted space The sky is frayed into a sinister line A remembrance could never die Is mine, this timeless torment lies 'Til the day I am gone with the lig......
2014-02-20 01:18:47
Darkness is seeking nights, leaving for another shade hides death Suffering is trying to reach you, plain falls and enchantment never stops When we are rejoicing to celebrate the absence of terror To be washed away by the flow of estrangement Will that be an end to exile all the consolation with pai......
2013-04-01 17:40:40
The last light's gone with her smile Coming With incomparable loveliness Now her beautifulness is evanescing Walk me down the path to have fidelity for the last time Life is to find her name at all but never fulfill my desire The lonely chamber is my home, now the ceiling shines no more Without t......
2012-04-15 00:33:03
My soul is constrained in a cube Dense glass with faint glow drowns me Yet silent I remain Not decided my fate is To face yet another motionless marker Waiting for darkness in cold sunlight When the dreams carry me to the mortal sphere What is to hope for, meanless amend or forlorn reverence The fa......
2012-04-07 02:12:01
Alone you blunder through the dark forest In the spiral of infinite loop Creatures lurking behind everywhere The darkling star disappeared I hear the forlornness itself calling All rules are deprived by ourselves Fluctuation is impending Annihilation is about to begin I hear the forlornness itsel......
2011-11-02 17:32:30
Thy darkness, wreatherd in silence Mist melted but another night Trees swaying in sanctum of forgotten Waves of the dying left behind Alas, thou left me alone Fading away Dreams, backdated for the last time Came from nowhere to collapse mind See this time if I could pass it by Or another laic of ......
2011-08-03 23:16:25
Pamela All universes there collide to chaos See yourselves in the same ruins Sreaming, and blinding visions expose Thy godliness is shivering By the time the one is defeating Nail promises into the deepest breach And we are fallen within Pamela I've seen you in The place I should have never bee......
2011-02-02 14:45:51
Figures looming in the fog, looking for empty tombs A ceremony held in the cellar ground, a girl had been torn in half The beginning of her flesh, the equiangular painting with no doubt Can you hear her scream of blinded beliefs Weakness echoing in horror and veer The duality of my soul coexists be......
2011-02-01 20:04:52
Never know my last name Eat my wing to make me tamed Drink my blood to let me free I have already crushed within struggle Arise again and again and again My rimose will doesn't disappear I wish it does, like shattered glass But finally comes back Desire torturing me to rise And this pain force me to......
2010-12-11 16:53:33
Save My Dark Graves See through the walls I gotta find a way to survive World changed but my bog I shall pass with thousand souls I shall pass with thousand faces Through the walls, I shall fall From collapsed dungen Unbounded cancer returned Thirst for power, hunger for cerebrums Just face me, f......
The Arcbane
Metal Band from Shanghai since 2007
成员Kan Chen / Yin Han / JIaliang Cheng / Huicong Zhang / Jiale Yuan
流派摇滚 Rock

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