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Dreaming 1080  
Potential Brutality 675  
The City Of Pathos, A Saint Of Shame 403  
Smells Like Death Spirit(Nirvana cover) 672  

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2014-07-14 16:39:05
The Metaphor is a blackened thrash metal band from Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The quartet around singer and guitarist Wu Shuo who is also active in the stoner metal band Never Before and the pagan black metal outfit Martyrdom just released a brand new four track EP entitled “The City Of ...... (2回应)
2013-07-08 09:09:13
Produced by Wu shuo and Metaphor Engineered and Mixed by 林粤 Recorded in Wu home studio/Snakepit rehearsal room Mixed & Mastered in 林粤 home studio Publishing by Soul Cleanliness Production Wu - Vocals/Guitar Jia - Guitar/Backing vacals T.T - Bass/Backing vacals Aike - Drums/Backing vacals...... (5回应)
The Metaphor
成员Vocal / Guitar:吴硕) / Guitar:老贾 / Bass:T.T / Drums:无
流派摇滚 Rock
风格Death / Thrash
唱片公司:Soul Cleanliness Production

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