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  • photo by:Jake

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Get High


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unknown chain


“想念乌兰巴托的山顶,爆炸状的云海和美丽亲切的森林,那些日子总是觉得离神近些。” ——2015.10.27 这首歌的灵感源自一次特殊的旅行。2015年9月,朋友提议同行外蒙古,去寻找真正的萨满。碰巧那时,另一位朋友推荐给我一本人类学家...


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2014-03-06 16:20:31
are you freaking out Are you stressing out What do u worry about It's nothing at all When the night comes,the moon turns on Wrong can be right and right is wrong When the sun is up,the new dawn comes Forget about who you are,be anyone you want. Don't get emotional Don't get emotional
2014-03-06 16:17:30
They looks so bad they feel so sad They can never bring the sunlight to the night They've ever tried Everybody stands in the waiting line So eager to get to the wonderland They don't know why But they don't know wonder is gonna shoot them one by one They never say it Every dream they show you i......
2014-03-06 16:09:21
Like a fish in the deepest sea You can not hear nor can you see Up and down Flows around It's getting dark and freezing cold You were cheated and your heart has been sold Up and down They flow around you baby Wait,hold your step! Wait,you might want to stay Come come come to me now I can show......
2014-03-06 16:02:31
What you wanna do Where you gonna go You got to lose control Else You won't get home Cause you're on an unknown chain You spend some time To better yourself You spend some time To better yourself But you are on an unknown chain I spend sometime To better myself I did spend sometime To better myse......
Gate to Otherside
成员孙鹤庭 / 姜梦洋 / Alex
流派摇滚 Rock
唱片公司:Maybe Mars / Psychoney

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